Last week I attended a wedding here in Atlanta and I was super thrilled . I have never been to a weeding before and I have been feening to go to one because I only experienced them through movies and not for myself. Well did this wedding surpass my expectations. There was alot of music and dancing that really made me feel good inside. It was good to see people from my city (Carson, California) in Atlanta enjoying each others company. It kind of made me miss home a little, but we’re going to thug it out for two more months out here and then i’m back in sunny California.

Since I have never been to a wedding before, I had no idea on what to wear. I know you are not supposed to wear white because of the bride so I opted out for the safest color which is black. The options I had were not up to par for me or my mother. Luckily my good sis brought me some more options. I decided to break out this Zara quilted like black suit. If you know my mother, you know sis is a lover of suits and I decided to be like her for a change and hop on the suit train. With the pant suit, I paired it with a black tank underneath, black pointed booties with the heels of my feet out, and a white handbag from my favorite, Forever 21. I absolutely loved this look and so did people at the wedding. I was proud of the outcome of the last minute look and I was also proud of my makeup because sweetie, it was beat to the Gods. P.S you can see how I achieve the perfect long lasting makeup look here .

Here are some pics of my look.


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