Fashion Buyers across the World are Sending a Message to Designers about Sustainability.

Most people only shine the light or know on designers, models, and fashion editors. but they never really shine the light or know about the people that display and make the hottest trends at the moment come to light. These individuals are called fashion buyers. What is a Fashion Buyer youre asing ? well here is an in depth meaning : “In the retail industry, a buyer is an individual who selects what items are stocked. Buyers usually work closely with designers and their designated sales representatives and attend trade fairs, wholesale showrooms and fashion shows to observe trends. They may work for large department stores, chain stores or smaller boutiques. For smaller independent stores, a buyer may participate in sales as well as promotion, whereas in a major fashion store there may be different levels of seniority such as trainee buyers, assistant buyers, senior buyers and buying managers, and buying directors.”

These type of fashion buyers have a huge influence on brands and consumers. Typically fashion buyers are the ones that make brands known and get the designer of these brands paid.

Now fashion buyers from over 80 department stores and over 25 countries have strong message to designers : ” Sustainability sells”

With the fashion industry growing day by day and the industry becoming more competitive, Sustainability is the key that will keep you ahead of the industry and known.

With designers delivering maintainable pieces, more and more fashion buyers will be willing to put the designers pieces in their department stores and designers sells will increase definitely.

A survey was conducted by researchers on fashion buyers from the most important department stores all over the world. on this survey it is said that “the buyers expected to nearly double their purchases of sustainable products over the next five years, raising them from 23% of their total budgets to 42%.” According to the Guardian.

They also said that they have stopped selling a brand or a product because of the designer not being able to have sustainability in their products.

So I hope designers all over the world hear this and start making changes so us as consumers can be happy with sustainable products and for buyers to keep purchasing their products so they can be showcased in department stores all over the world.


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