Wow, a collection that actually makes me feel good on the inside. I love a collection where there is prints, volume, and personality. Why have i not heard of La DoubleJ before now. im in love with their design aesthetic.

What is La DoubleJ you might ask, well they are a Milanese brand that showcases the best of Italy. The brand was founded by J.J Martin in 2015. They have expanded from selling vintage clothing to a lifestyle fashion label that offers archival prints, cool home design and rare vintage.

Their latest Fall RTW collection is my very first time coming in contact with the brand. From a first glance at the collection, my eyes are going all over the place because of the unique prints. For me i’m not such a big person on loud prints, but this collection made me fall in love with unique prints such as the ones being portrayed.

The light blue, brown, and white circle print that is showcased on a boat neckline long dress, collared mid sleeve short dress, bubble coat, and cigarette pants WERE EVERYTHING. This print gave late 60’s and 70s style vibes. I was very intrigued By this print. This ultimately led me to view the rest of the collection because its fun and electric pattern. The bubble coat with the light blue, brown, and white circle print is a reversible one. We love the reversible coat trend right now. The inside of the jacket has this multi printed birds soaring through the “air”. The eccentric colors are so beautiful when zoomed in. You would ordinarily think that these two types of prints would never go together, but in all actuality they correspond perfectly together.

With me being a lover of oversized coats and trench coats, I was astonished by these two particular coats. The first coat was this all black one with these birds soaring in light blue and white. Birds played a major role in this collection. This coat could be basic to some, but for me, it was perfect. The other coat that gave me life was black trench coat with white circles and rectangles. It also had this red figure that you would probably have to look at from the front to fully understand what was going on. I love pieces like this one because of how artsy and stylish it is.

Like I said earlier, Birds played a huge role in this collection. I feel as if the birds have a significant meaning behind them. Along with the bubble coat, the Multi colored bird pattern shows up more than once with pants, shirts, blouses, and more. This print probably has to be my favorite because of all the colors that’s going on in the print.


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