I know many people who are beginners in makeup or even who have been doing makeup forever, struggle with how to make their make up last long. For the longest time, I had no idea on how to keep my makeup stay on longer and prevent it from creasing up. After years of trying new ticks and products, I finally found the key that has totally changed my beauty life for the better.

Since I am a cheerleader at my HBCU, I have games all the time. I like to wear makeup to my games to enhance and look good for the sporting event. With the basketball season being right now, I stay in the hot steamy gym. I’m a person that sweats very easy and with makeup, its even worse. But now with the new tips I have discovered, I don’t have to worry about my make up sweating anymore.

Before I put any type of makeup product on my face, I first put on Mac Prep + Prime Natural Radiance Base Lumière. When I tell y’all this is the KEY to my makeup lasting long, IT IS THE KEY. When I apply the primer to my face I put it on my T zone. Your T zone is usually your forehead, cheeks, chin, and I put some on my nose. You don’t want to apply to much because the product will become very thick and not look good with your foundation. Another thing, don’t be scared of the yellow tint in the primer. As soon as you rub it into your skin, it blends right in.

After I apply my primer, I then go into the foundation and then concealer. When I am all done with that, I add my Huda Beauty Easy Bake Lose Baking & Setting Powder in the color Cinnamon Bun. Now with this product I add it on top of my concealer. I also add it on the sides on my mouth to prevent my mouth area from creasing up. You can actually add it to which ever part of your face that creases up. ( Creasing makeup is bad makeup)

The last product that makes my makeup long lasting is the Mac Prep + Prime Fix +. I have tried tons and tons of setting spray, but this one is probably the best one yet. I spray this product all over my face after all my makeup is done to seal everything together. This is the absolute key to my makeup being on for a long time. It also helps my makeup from creasing as well. Sometimes when I want a dewy look with my makeup, I would add my primer, then the setting spray, then I would add my foundation and all that good stuff.

If you guys are interested in me doing a Video makeup tutorial, just let me know in the comments


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