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Fashionable girl. Dope Fashion Sense. Stylish Outfit

Dope Fashion Sense is ran by an HBCU student named Taylor Simone that attends the Illustrious Clark Atlanta University. Taylor is from Carson, California (Del Amo to be exact). Being from such a small place in Carson, Taylor hopes to put Del Amo on the map. Taylor has had her fashion blog since her freshman year of high school and has been blogging since. Fashion is Taylor’s first love. All things fashion revolves around Taylor’s life. Taylor first got into fashion when she started watching That’s So Raven, that starred Raven Symoné, who was a young black girl that was in love with fashion. Taylor has aspirations of becoming the next black Anna Wintour and become the biggest figure in the fashion industry. Dope Fashion Sense is seen by 1.7 million people on Pinterest every month. Follow Taylor as she reports on the latest fashion news and college lifestyle.