We are about to end the year in a matter of two days. Not only end a year, but also end an entire decade! that’s crazy. At the beginning on this decade I was 10 years old now I’m 19 and attending my dream college. It’s amazing how fast life goes. I’m basically an adult now and ready to embark on a new journey in my life. It’s always scary and exciting to end a year. This year has been an eventful one might I say, but I’m so ready for the start of the new decade and the new year.

Every year about a day or so before New Years Eve, I always write down, either in my notes on my phone or on a notepad , my goals for the new year. Writing down my goals and aspirations make me excited and on go for the new year.

Manifestation plays a huge part in my goal planning for the new year. What is manifestation might some of you ask, well it is the act of speaking things into existence. When you write down or speak aloud your goals, they come true. But not just by magic though. You have to apply hard work and dedication for your goals to come true.

You should always go into the new year with positivity and not dwelling on the hardships you have endured in the previous year. If you mull over on the things that didn’t go right in your life in the previous year, you won’t progress as a person what so ever.

You should always go into the new year “reborn” and trying to start “a new life” or even become a “new person”

I hope these tips resonated with you all because I know in the past they have helped me a whole lot.

I feel like 2020 is going to be everyone’s best year. I feel it deep in my gut.


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