Lebron James new 16 basketball sneaker sells out in 5 minutes !!!!

Recently Lebron James and Harlem’s Fashion row teamed up to collaborate on

James’s 16 basketball sneaker for girls. This is the first Girls basketball sneaker

that he has ever made. Harlem’s Fashion Row recruited some designers named

Kimberly Goldson, Felisha Nelson, Undra Celeste Duncan


these beautiful African-American ladies constructed and designed a

well crafter shoe that sold out in 5 minutes on the SNKRS APP. Black

Girl Magic right ?!?!


The shoe was designed to focus on the fearless and powerful substance

of women of color, mainly black women.


The collaboration with Harlem’s Fashion Row also shows society today

that there has to be more room made for black women designers,

because they are just as talented as the other shoe designers that

are out today.


I am just absolutely proud of Lebron James and Nike for teaming up

with Harlem’s Fashion Row and creating such a sneaker that will

forever be iconic because the story behind it and how it should

encourage people out there to hire black designers to make there

mark as well.


here are more picture of the shoe:



                       -Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion


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