Fashion month is over and this is what I thought about it…

Sad to say Fashion month is over and there was so many new trends and

amazing fashion shows that I still need to review. A trend that I seen

the most this fashion week was the wave of 70s boho chic. Before fashion

month occurred I was at Forever 21 and saw this trend and was curious

as to why they were putting so many pieces like the boho trend out. But as

I can see from this fashion month it was a hit and every body was participating

in the trend.

Towards the end of fashion month I did start to see a bit of an 80s trend seeping

through the scene Balenciaga was one fashion brand that I saw incorporate

the 80s trend in their collection ( Click here to see).

Cardi B also participated in this trend tho London fashion week by

wearing a Michael Costello dress with shoulder pads in them (click here to see).

Another trend that I seen constantly throughout fashion month

was the act of fashion labels fazing out mini bags and going for more of

a big handbag trend. I was quite surprised by this trend this fashion month

Because mini handbags have been ruling the accessory scene for so many

years and for big handbags to make a comeback was insane.

Big handbags hold a special place in my heart because those are the only

handbags that my mother wears and I’m just loving to see it on the runway.

Each year the production of these shows become even more insane

than the yet before. This year Chanel and Hermès decided to take the

runway to the sand. Chanel had more of a beach vibe and Hermès had

more of a settle vibe.

Chanel Spring 2019

Chanel Spring 2019

Hermès spring 2019

Hermès spring 2019

All in all I thought this was an amazing fashion month and can’t wait till

next year to see the more exciting fashion and trends to come. Hopefully

I’m able to attend these fashion shows next year to get you guys the

exclusive first hand look at these pieces.

-Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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