Outfit of the Day ! What I Wore to Louis Vuitton X

Like I said in my previous article, I went to the this past weekend and of course I had to pop out in something fashionable and stylish. I knew that it was going to be a little sunny out and I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t too bundled up but not too revealing. I feel that my style is not always consistent to one category. One day I’m feeling professional chic then the next I’m feeling street wear vibes. But this particular day I was feeling artsy chic (yes I just made that up). So what I’m wearing is this grey and white stripe blouse with a deep V and A line symmetric bottom that was longer in the back. This poppin piece is from New York & Company. Next I paired this top with some thrift store Dad shorts. The thrift store I got them from is called Savers In California. Along with this my next 4 items were from my favorite Forever 21. I got these white platform sneakers, and this clear handbag with circle handles and with some black paint I wrote out my brand Dopefashionsense (very DIYish) . Then I got these red cat eye clear glasses along with this black fedora hat. Lastly I paired this whole look with a gold name plate necklace. I hope you all enjoy this outfit !


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