eBay launches rare Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags on their site !!

Did you guys know that there is a National Handbag day in October ?

Yeah I’m pretty sure you didn’t. This holiday is specifically on October

10th. A day were all handbag lovers can show appreciation to their

collections all around the world. In honor of this month eBay launching

an exclusive sale of rare Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags all month long.

Iconic collections from Louis Vuitton and Chanel will be available for grabs

on the site. Even the Louis Vuitton and Supreme collaboration will be

available ( which sold out in minutes after launching)


These pieces that eBay will be selling is apart of eBay’s new Authentic

Program. Now handbag lovers all over the world don’t have to worry

about being scammed out of an authentic bag. eBay hired a team of

handbag experts to examine any designer bag thats uploaded to the site.


For the entire month eBay will be selling over 100 styles from both Chanel

and Louis Vuitton that range from $260 to the thousands. Now is the best

time to get those limited edition bags that you have been wanting forever.


Louis Vuitton limited Edition Stephen Sprouse Beige Graffiti Monogram Canvas


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Chanel Blue Denim Fringe CC small flap bag




Louis Vuitton limited edition Stephen Sprouse pink graffiti monogram canvas




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