4 Trends/Pieces that Blaire Waldorf Would Wear Today !

Everybody remembers Blaire Waldorf from the hit show “Gossip Girl” that last aired more than 6 years ago. We all know Blaire from being the scheming, ruthless, sensitive, compassionate, and stylish girl from the Upper East Side. Throughout the show Blaire always had something on that was up to date with the current fashion trends at the time. Blaire’s style was such the ultimate Prep Girl look. I absolutely loved Blaire’s style. The other day I was wondering what would thee Blaire Waldorf would be wearing today so I looked through different pictures of what Blaire wore during the show and found Trends and pieces that she would have been wearing.

Blaire Always seemed to wear tights with her dresses and skirts. Sometimes they were plain and sometimes they had some designs on them. Her iconic tight wearing made me think that if the show was still on till this day Blaire would be rocking Logo tights. Everyone now that I see is rocking this tights. FENDI, Gucci, Alexander Wang, and more have been making these tights and I’m so here for it.

Blaire always wore Chanel. Chanel tustve been her fave type of bag to wear though they were bigger bags that she would wear I feel that today Blaire would rock the Large Boy Chanel handbag. This new Chanel bag that is a play on the original Boy bag has a Vertical in Shape that is detailed with a diamond shaped pattern seam and is smaller in size.

Large Boy Chanel handbag

Yes Im still on handbags as you can see from this picture she is rocking the Christian Dior Cannage Quilted lambskin Lady Dior handbag. I know she wore it back then and I feel that she would have continued to wear it till this day.

Christian Dior Cannage Quilted lambskin Lady Dior

I Know bow ties were apart of the Constance school (school from Gossip Girl) uniform and now bow ties but sometimes called bow brooches are a pretty low-key trend now. I usually see these stylish bow brooches from Gucci. I even sometimes were bow ties with a white button up shirt. I think Blaire would so be rocking these stylish bow ties now.


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