Wes Gordon makes his debut at Carolina Herrera #NYFW

What Wes Gordon describes his debut collection for Carolina Herrera is simply Happy. Wes was forced to step out of his comfort zone and make pieces that embody the established brand’s already sense of style. The Spring collection so reminded me of past collections by the brand. It reminded me especially of  the Pre-Fall 2018 collection. This collection though gives a alluring mash of 70’s looks. I love so many aspects of this collection really exemplified the Happy characteristic.

One of my favorite pieces from this collection was this vibrant yellow satin blazer that came to the high and one that went below the knees. I really love the embellishing on the blazer. it was bling flowers on them and the middle of the flower had a red bling in the middle.



I adored the use of yellow in the collection. As you can see here on the left you have a basic yet classy energetic yellow off the shoulder satin dress. With the over sized and crunched sleeves. Then over here on the right there is a high collared, short wide sleeve dress with a compelling design of floral prints on the dress that makes the dress pop.



This piece though was very much my type of style. this admirable detail on the white collar. It adds a touch to the piece that makes it lavish looking. to add to the embellished white color shirt was the dark iridescent blazer with blue lining that got wider at the bottom.


here are more looks from the collection



                                         -Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion


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