Chanel Fall Couture 2019 Collection

Since the passing of Karl Lagerfeld its now time for a new Chanel era and that era is going to have to be the Virginie Viard era. With Viard debuting her first couture collection with the fashion house she kept it unique and true to the house legacy. The set for the show was surrounded by books. Something like a library setting. The setting was in Grand Palais with a circular triple tier casing. The library was inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s daytime apartment. It’s also said that Karl Lagerfeld enjoyed books and even had a lot of his own. Also Viard is a lover of books as well. So it was only fitting for the show to have a library inspired set.

With this type of setting it gives you the ultimate theme of Book nerds could also be hi fashion. Usually people who are infatuated With books don’t really care about their fashion presence as much. But with this collection, Viard gave an ultimate twist to the average Book lover.

Preppy yet chic is what I got from looking at this collection. Of course the addition of tweeds were presented in the collection. What is a Chanel collection without tweed ? The first three pieces that came down the runway were these long tweed coats that went above the ankle with beautiful buttons going down the coat and also on the pockets that are located on the sides and by the breast area. These coats were pairs with white stockings to give the concealed and conservative look. These tights were ultimately paired with preppy like footwear. Viard didn’t limit herself with the color. Bright hues were displayed graciously throughout the collection. It was even a piece that intimidated the famous dress from the musical ‘Annie’. There’s a good amount of skirts, pants, and dresses showcased. All the dresses in this collection I adored, but the one that I loved fiercely would have to be the straight strapless dress with orange and black tweed with the 4 buttons on the pockets and paired with glasses. This dress exemplifies the fashionable book nerd.

It just didn’t stop there though, along with the strapless dress was what was ‘supposed’ to be a black and white suit but stylishly turned into a dress. It looked like what Billy Porter wore to the Oscars this year. This particular dress was done up more feminine like. The bow tie was extra big, loose, and more stylish. Along with the cuffs, coming out of the black long sleeves – were bigger and sharp at the ends.

I can’t wait to see what more Virginie Viard has to offer to the luxury fashion house.



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