Elegant & Classy Pamella Roland Spring 2019 Collection!

Pamella Roland’s newest collection speaks for it self.

Elegantly done and tastefully made. These pieces are everything a Woman should in her closet, nice dresses, flashy suits, and jacquard prints.

I live for pieces like these because it reminds me of how my mother dresses and holds a special place in my heart.

Pieces like the flowy dress with the low cut V with the heading around it is so whimsical and tasteful. Reminds me of spring time in a pit full of Daisy’s.

The bright yellow suit like the dress above give me spring vibes as well. The reading around the lining of the the blazer and on the side of the pant adds a little more funk the the fit.

The pretty jacquard dress was stunning honey. Giving me modern day Jackie O vibes. The one button disguised in the jacquard print and the wide sleeves are little pieces of the dress that make it impeccable.

She also used this same print for another long dress piece .

As I said before everything young and old should have pieces like this in there closet because it’s also good to be a little Jackie O inspired.

-Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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