Boss Spring 2019 ready-to-wear collection #NYFW

Boss new Spring 2019 collection that debuted this New York fashion week. this style astetic was very interesting. it was very minimalist and essential. essential because these are pieces every woman should have in there closet and it was minimalist because it wasn’t too much shoved down our throats.


They opened up the show with a nice type of tan united dress with a blocks of shades darker than the rest of the dress and to go over the knit dress is this long nylon trench coat with these gladiator like white sandals.


in this collection they used this color nylon trench again. but this time they used this light mauve pink on the blouse, loose fitting pants, and trench coat.

Then this light mauve that was used throughout the beginning of the collection was met with a burgundy dash. on the left you have this dress with Burgundy leather like sleeves with different tan, Burgundy, and white stripe designs. As so on the left, its the same design on the left but with out so much burgundy. Just some more white.


here are some more looks from the collection :


                                              -Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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