Air Jordan 1s and Nike Dunks DO NOT Need to be Apart of Every Outfit

Air Jordan sneakers are the most popular “basketball” sneaker to make their way on to the footwear market. The history the sneakers have made in the black culture is insane. From the Chicago 1s, the “Banned 1’s”, the Flu Game 12’s, Space Jam 11’s, Bred 11’s, and so much more, these sneakers are truly iconic.

Michael Jordan re-releases these sneakers almost every other year, and people flock to them like crazy. In middle school, I use to be the ultimate sneakerhead. When it came to Nike’s and Jordan’s, I wanted and need every pair that came out. I was legit a TRUE sneakerhead. When I got older, I stopped buying so many sneakers because I felt that I did not need to spend all my money on one pair of sneakers, and I honestly did not want to have the same sneaker as everybody in school.

a girl standing in a gas station. a tall girl standing in the store. a girl with air jordan 1s on. a girl with a prada bag on. a girl with a dress and sneakers on.

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During the 2020 Quarantined year, I feel Jordan and Nike Dunks became the new Vans or Converse. I mean by this that everyone had them, and everyone used them in their street style looks. I honestly did not have a problem with it until I saw them in EVERY (yes, I had to capitalize “every”) Outfit on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, and so much more.

Because of the high demand for just Air Jordan 1’s and Nike Dunks, re-sell prices were out of this world. Regular 1s were going for $600, and more and Nike Dunks were going for thousands of dollars. My problem with Nike Dunks is that they retail for only $100. YES, $100. How does a shoe go from $100 to over a thousand dollars?

Air Jordan 1’s and Nike Dunks do not need to be in every outfit, sis. It’s okay to wear other sneakers such as Vans, Converse, Air Max’s, and so much more. These new “flockers” to Air Jordan 1s and Nike Dunks call themselves “Sneakerheads” but do not have versatility in their sneaker collection. I have watched many “sneakerheads” videos on Tik Tok, and they show Nike Dunks and Air Jordan 1s in different colorways. THAT IS A BORING SNEAKER COLLECTION. A real sneakerhead and sneaker collection has versatility. They have every kind of sneaker from other brands that you probably never heard about.

a girls nail designs. a girl with nail inspo. a girl with red sneakers, a girl with nike dunks on. A girl with gold jewelry.

The Jordan 1’s and Nike Dunk era should be limited in 2021. I promise it’s okay to venture out and find new sneakers to pair with your street style looks. I have seen some sites that you can find unique sneakers that are not just Air Jordan 1’s and Nike Dunks.



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