Barbie Dreams & colorful hair !

About an hour ago Nicki Minaj released her highly anticipated video to

her well known song from her album ‘Queen’, ‘Barbie Dreams’. Everyone

knows about this song because Nicki talks about every well known rappers in

this Day in age. I can absolutely say that this is probably one of my favorite songs

off the album because of the beat ( which is sampled from The Notorious B.I.G

Just  Playing’) and her delivery throughout the song. Now my favorite thing about

the song is the video and the part that gravitated me the most has to be Nicki’s hair

versatility. Her hair stylist Arrogant Tae (@arrogant_tae123) He is one of the best

hair stylist on Instagram right now and does everyone’s hair from Teyana Taylor, Sza,

Dream Doll, and many more. He’s most known for the wigs that he makes. You guys

should definitely check him out. And her makeup was done by my fave Aaliyah Jay

(@aaliyahjay) which is a beauty influencer on instagram and YouTube. I’ve been watching

her videos for a very long time and grown to love how real and thoughtful she is. She

slayed Nicki’s makeup.

Here is a short clip of the music video :

And here are a few pictures from the video of her hair and makeup:

Stay tunes for more Dope Fashion

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