Giorgio Armani Spring 2019 ready to wear collection

Yes whimsical and feminine was the theme of this collection. Armani

didn’t follow the Trend this past New York Fashion Week  they opt out

for something different: Iridescent and feminine. Throughout the collection

there were many soft hues. nothing to vibrant but still eye catching


first off I want show an appreciation to this look that caught my eye at first.

This look reminds me of a Church ladies outfit revamped. The over sized hat

just gives me that Sunday morning church setting. I love a nice suit and I

especially love the low cut silk linen blazer.


Giorgio Armani with his models


here is some more big hat church vibes. The beaded pink and beaded violet

top were a pretty pick in the collection


these big over sized detailed accessories were compelling to

the look. I also love the shell like iridescent rippled top that paired

well with the necklace.


the laminated fabrics add a lot of depth to the iridescent prints


very delicate silhouette’s, light fabrics, and iridescent colors

throughout the collection made it look like an underwater fantasy.


These Cyclamen accessories complemented well with the light

hues and iridescent colors. made the looks pop within the collection.


The accessories throughout this collection were so unique and gave

me so much life. but these earrings right here were amazing. I loved

the big knot with the stone in the middle and the stones on the end.

very classy and fun





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