Zimmermann ‘Number 96’ inspired Spring 2019 collection #NYFW

Nicky Zimmermann in the 70’s fell in love with a hit show in Australia

called ‘Number 96’ .The show was sort of like ‘Day of our Lives’ . In the show

‘Number 96’ the actresses wore big fur coats, tight and short dresses, and

of course shoulder pads. This is what inspired the Spring 2019 collection.


From many collections the NYFW, we are able to see that the 70s had

influence on many of the designers, but this one looks like they went back

in time to the 70s and took the style straight from there.


The opening look was this straight from the 70s style dress with big sleeves

towards the bottom and a great and detailed print with a burnt yellow, tints

of brown, and white. I also love the turtle neck design.


Tracksuits are a secret love of mine and i was so excited to see a

well designed and polished tracksuit on the runway. I love the

different shades of blue throughout the suit. The way they styled

it with the zipper half way down and with the matching heels makes

it even more alluring


This asymmetrical dress with sheer over sized sleeves and different details

going different ways were also my fav of the dress. it gave 70s high

fashion vibes.


One of my favorites from this collection would probably have to be the

shoes worn by the models to complete their looks.


I am a fan of sneakers. I probably choose sneakers over heels any day.

To see these simple sneaker designs with different colors were so

refreshing. I love how the orange strip sneakers has different shades

that correspond with orange. Just like the blue and the pink.


these rope bow like heels were so cute and flirty they add a new take to the

retro style that was being presented. These are shoe that everyone is going

to love.


Lastly these printed pumps were all that. I love how on the left shoe on the

ankle there is a chain and on the right there isn’t. this makes the pump even

more different in a good way.


here are some more look from the collection:

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