Will Balenciaga Become The Fashion Brand of The Year ? The PR Team Is Working Nonstop.

2022 has just started, and Balenciaga is already making power moves to make them the ultimate fashion brand of the year.

In late 2021, Kim Kardashian teamed up with creative director, Demna Gvasalia who now goes by Demna, to start her Balenciaga era. As well know, Kardashian is famous for having these periods where she publicly only wears particular designers. Some of these designers included Riccardo Tisci, Balmain and Yeezy. Due to all of the iconic looks in her past fashion eras, Kardashian secured the Fashion Icon Award at the Peoples Choice Awards on December 7.

Balenciaga is known for their streetwear aesthetic with a hint of glamour and sex appeal, which made them what they are today. Demna’s way of deconstructing clothing pieces and creating something wearable and chic is something to see. Balenciaga is usually the brand that creates and follows the obsessed over fashion trends such as the Triple S sneakers, sock sneakers, and the hourglass handbags that your favorite celebrities are always wearing.

Surprisingly, Balenciaga began its reign of taking over 2022 during the summer of 2021. This, of course, was the “fashion hacker” project in collaboration with Italian luxury fashion house Gucci. This was the first-ever luxury fashion collaboration that the fashion world had ever seen. Pieces from this collection included the Balenciaga Hourglass coat and bag with Gucci monogram all over. It was like a Disney Channel show mash-up episode (“That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana,” for example) that set off the fashion sphere.

Balenciaga and Gucci Fashion hacker project collaboration

Balenciaga did not stop with their collaboration with Gucci for the year 2021. The fashion house made headlines with their resort 2022 collection. According to Vogue Runway, “It’s a deep fake of a fashion show,” Demna stated. The high-tech fashion show was confusing to the world when it first launched on June 6 but later began to make sense as the designer explained it. “What we see online is not what it is. What’s real and what’s fake?” Demna further explained to Vogue Runway. The deep thinking of what is real and what is not is what began to fascinate many fashion lovers with Demna and the brand. The “audience” for the resort collection was ultimately fake people. The collection incorporated a lot of oversized blazers and coats, which the brand is known for nowadays.

A month later, on July 7, Balenciaga returned to the Couture fashion calendar after 53 years. So, as you may know, this was a significant fashion event, from the half fishbowl hats that covered half of the models’ faces to the oversized blazer coats. It was everything to expect from the new age Balenciaga vibe but in a couture way. You even saw a future look that Rihanna wore at the 2021 Met Gala in this collection. At that same Met Gala event, Kim Kardashian went viral for her very incognito but eye-catching look that became an instant meme. The mysterious look was something new that Met Gala viewers had never seen on the Met steps before. Of course, Kardashian was wearing Balenciaga before the Met Gala, but this specific all-black shadowy look started Kim Kardashian’s mega-viral and sought-after Balenciaga era.

Rihanna wearing Balenciaga at the 2021 Met Gala
photo via glamour.com

Kim was being pictured by paparazzi and via Instagram in body fitting, sexy, and matrix-like Balenciaga looks that heated up our social media feeds every single time. However, with most of the looks being monochromatic, they still served, and I think a lot of that can be attributed to her fantastic glam squad and professional camera pictures.

Kim Kardashian wearing Balenciaga

The Kim Kardashian Balenciaga reign continues into 2022 with some company from someone very close to Ms. Kardashian. Kanye West, who now goes by Ye, has made major headlines with his new boo, Julia Fox. As we all know, Ye is notorious for dressing up the women he is dating at the time, and that’s exactly what he is doing with Julia Fox and coincidentally in Balenciaga. It seems pretty shady since Kardashian and Ye are going through a divorce, but it’s Ye; what else do you expect from the man. For the past week since the new couple has been dating, Fox has been spotted in Balenciaga, and the social media world has been obsessing over her. A look circulating the most was the Balenciaga number that she wore for dinner with Ye at Carbone. The photoshoot at Carbone was done with “Interview” magazine. During this “Interview” magazine feature/ photoshoot with Fox, you can see Kanye West dressing her in different outfits and the couple cuddling on the couch.          

Julia Fox wearing Balenciaga
photo via pagesix.com

Kanye didn’t stop there with Balenciaga, though. Kanye’s fashion label has announced that it will be offering its second collaboration (the first was with Gap in 2022) with Balenciaga and Gap. This collaboration will be a 2022 global launch named Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga. Little information about the collaboration was presented in a press release. “Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga continues Ye’s commitment to bringing creativity to the forefront and delivering his vision of utilitarian design for all.” According to Vogue, the collaboration is set to launch in June 2022 and another one at the end of the year. Knowing how retail and resell prices go for products associated with Yeezy, it will sell out instantly, and the prices will shoot for the stars literally.

Balenciaga and Kanye West are still not letting up off our necks. The most recent news associated with the two mega brands/ personalities is that Ye and Cardi B will be shooting a music video at a Balenciaga store in Miami’s Fashion District. It’s unclear what the song is or how Ye is involved, but this is good press for Cardi B to be intertwined in the Balenciaga reign.

It’s only the 11th day of 2022, and Balenciaga has been in the news constantly regarding fashion, music and pop culture. It seems like the brand will reign supreme all 2022 long.



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