Balenciaga puts the B in BILLIONS !!?!

Balenciaga has to be one of the biggest and well known

fashion brands out right now. Anything and almost everything

they put out instantly becomes the hot new trend that everyone

is flocking to. They keep their brand on their P’s and Q’s and

never has a mess up according to all the people that rock their

clothing and sneakers.

It was revealed in a general meeting on Wednesday that the

brand will take in €1 billion EUR (which is $1.12 billion in USD)

this year. This is the first time that the brand will hit a number

like this. This is also Kering’s fastest growing company.

It’s said that Balenciaga is following behind Gucci which reached

$8.9 billion in revenue last year and also following Saint Laurent

$1.9 billion dollar revenue last year as well.

This is amazing at how well Balenciaga is doing. They set the trends

and they are going to continue to do so.


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