Alice + Olivia spring 2019 collection: #NYFW

This new Spring 2019 ready to wear collection by Alice + Olivia is giving

the viewers a preview of what the next and new trends are going to be.

As I keep seeing throughout Fashion week is the use of 70s inspired looks,

such as wide leg pants, Bohemian prints, rompers, neck scarfs, and more.

Also the emergence of multi colored prints were showcased throughout this

Spring 2019 collection and many other collections this fashion week.

I never knew how much I loved bohemian prints until this collection. The use

of different prints made into an array of different pieces was satisfying to see.

The simple yellow cami tucked in the flowy skirt with the bohemian skirt was

so simple yet flirty and fun. I also love the platform sneakers with the same

print as the skirt

Mix patterns are the new hot thing circulating at Fashion week and

I’m actually liking it. It’s different and eye catching. It makes you love

that piece of clothing so much.

One piece that caught my eye the most throughout this collection would

probably have to be this look right here:

I love how they put more emphasis on the high waisted skirt. They just threw

a red crop top that complimented the skirt. I adored the artistry on this skirt.

The depiction of Paris on the shirt. The bottom with bright red / light pink roses

and the top with blue / light blue clouds were a great touch to the skirt.

Alice + Olivia never disappoints me. They are always on point with the current and

upcoming trends of the season.

Here some more looks from the collection:

– Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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