Milan is Set to Have Fashion Week…..DIGITAL !

The world being at a halt right now due to our current situation is not going to stop the fashion industry. The world we live in right now is extremely tech savvy and innovative due to the fact that everyone is working from home. Milan fashion week is going to take on to the tech savvy world we live in and opt out for a digital fashion week. This virtual and or digital fashion week will be held from July 14th to 17th.

This digital format is used to get the Italian designers exposure across all formats. Menswear Spring/Summer 2020 collections along with women’s and men’s spring pre collections will be showcased. Instead of calling it “Milan Fashion Week” they decided to switch it up and give it a new name due to its digital change. This fashion week will be called ” Milano Digital Fashion Week”

This fashion week will be a little more mixed than the ones in the past. This fashion week will allow designers to present men’s resort 2021 and spring 2021 collections. What is also open to the designers is the ability to showcase men’s and women’s pre season and or main collection’s during this fashion week.

“Everybody can decide their own message. The advantage is that in a digital world you are completely free. You find your way of expression. We said to everybody, ‘You have from 1 minute to 15 minutes and you decide what you want to show.’” courtesy of Vogue Magazine and said by Carlo Capasa, who is the president of Camera della Moda. Camera della Moda is the company that is hosting “Milano Digital Fashion Week”.

This online and digital fashion week is following Shanghai’s Digital Fashion Week and the Helsinki’s digital fashion week that was this April. London is also having a digital fashion week which is set to happen early June. As well as that, their will also be virtual showrooms and panels. This adds the vibe and feel of a real life and physical fashion week.

Digital fashion week is the safest and most innovative thing to do right now during this climate that we are in. For a second I was a little bit scared. It’s the simple fact that I do not want the fashion community/industry to get comfortable with this uncomplicated and efficient way of showcasing new designs. I was quickly relived by Capasa responding to this type of chatter by explaining that digital fashion week will not and should not replace physical fashion shows in the future.

I will keep you all updated on news about the digital fashion shows and I will also be doing reviews of collections here on


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