Summer time is finally upon us !!! recently, It has been really hot in LA and its definitely time to show some skin. With so many stores being closed during this quarantine time, it has been hard for some of us to find swimwear to rock at the beach or pool party. People have been subjected to trying to find swimwear online. Sometimes its difficult to find a cute bathing suit due to it being so many companies out there. Finding the perfect Swimwear is important. You have to make sure that the swimwear can conform to your body type well and also look stylish. One of my biggest pet peeves when people wear bikinis is when its Mitch matching. It gives off tacky vibes and not coordinated at all. If your bikini set comes like that then its fine because that’s how the designis . Another time when Mitch matching a bikini set is OK is when its solid colors (color blocking). This means if the top is a solid pink and the bottoms are a solid orange then your fine. But, if you are wearing a pink and black stripe top and some purple polka dot bottoms then that is a Dope Fashion no no. When it comes to one piece swimsuits, you should make sure its the most stylish yet. Because you are not showing as much skin as a bikini, you should always make sure you purchase a onepiece with a stunning pattern or constructed differently from your typical one piece swimsuit.

With all of the do’s and dont’s I gave you, All my Dope Fashion Sense readers are in luck today. I have found 5 Swimwear companies online that is perfect for the Summer time and that will have everybody going, “OMG! Where did she get her bathing suit from?!”

1.Mint Swim

Mint Swim is the swimwear brand from Draya Michelle. I have always loved the brand because of how simple yet chic the swimwear is. If you follow Draya on instagram and look at all of her fashion looks and swimwear, you should know that Mint Swim was going to be all that and plus more. Mint Swim can conform to any body type and still look fabulous. The prices of them swimsuits are a little on the pricey side but its amazing quality and can last you for many Summers in the future.


Biknishe is a swimwear company that I have recently came across and fell in love with it. They have alot of swimwear ranging in different colors, prints, sizes, and more. A benefit from buying from this company is that you do not have to buy a bikini top and bottoms separately. They come together. If you go and purchase now, you’ll be able to participate in their huge sale on various swimwear .

3. SwimsuitNova

Swimsuit Nova is the perfect swimwear company for flirty and fun swimsuits. They exude the summertime fun vibe. They have many swimsuits with different colors and patterns that will bring out any and every skin tone. Their swimwear is reasonably priced and they are also having a 50% off sale right now. A great benefit to this brand is that you also do not have to pay separate for a bikini top and bottoms. I would advise anyone that is into vibrant and bright colors to go and shop here.

4.Brazilian Bikini Swim

Brazilian Bikini Swim gives you a great range of products and prints to choose from. Their brand is alot like Bikinishe when it comes to a wide range of swimwear. On their site it says, their misson is “to make you feel charming and stunning in our sexy bikinis” and that is exactly what they are doing. A great plus to shopping at this swimwear company is that there is free shipping on all orders. I suggest you all to check out this brand and their amazing kinis.

5.Haute Swimwear

Haute Swimwear is a swimsuit comapny that is perfect for laying out on the beach and relaxing. Their pieces are so charming and flirty. A benefit of shopping at this company is that most of their swimwear comes with 2 or 3 other pieces. So with that deal you get a bang for your buck. The shipping is free on all orders over $70. The Swimwear is a bit pricey but its totally worth it because of the quality. You can shop here.


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