I’m Tired of Sweats. Here Are Some Alternatives For You.

Fashion trends are always changing and it’s usually always due to our world’s current state. There are times when fashion is very innovative, and then there are times when fashion can be quite lazy and lackadaisical. A fashion trend that swept our nation last year was the infamous sweatpants.

 Due to everyone being on strict lockdowns, in the beginning, middle and end of 2020, many individuals began wearing sweatpants for comfort around the house all day. This loungewear then became an outside fashion trend that people started to dress up. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sweatpants and sweatshirt look, but it just began to become repetitive. Like sis, every outfit you wear outside does not have to be sweatpants.

This trend is cute but so lazy at the same time. This year in 2021, fashion insiders like myself do not want to see so many outfits paired with sweatpants and Air Jordan 1s (This sneaker became a drug for so many people this year, lol. I still love them, though).

Even though you love how comfortable sweatpants are, There are so many other fashionable alternatives yet still comfortable.

  • a girl standing on the mountain. a girl with some carmel or tan joggers on. a girl with her hands in her pocket.
  • a girl turning her back to the camera. a girl with some comfortable pants on. a girl with her hands on her hip. a girl with some grey pants on.
  • a girl taking a off guard picture. a girl with some linen pants on. a girl with an afro. a girl with a tan top on.
  • a girl sitting on stairs. a girl with a two piece set on. a girl with a boohoo outfit on. a girl with a crop top on. a girl with black hair. a girl taking a off guard picture.

The first alternative for sweatpants is Teddy pants. Teddy material is the comfiest and cozy textile to exist. They are not too tight, you can move freely and they are the most adorable loungewear to purchase.

A girl standing in her house. A girl with some teddy pants on. A girl with her hand in her pocket. A girl with blonde hair. A girl with full glam makeup
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In addition to the first alternative are Faux Fur Joggers. Just like Teddy pants, faux fur joggers are comfortable loungewear that is stylish to wear outside. You can style up the joggers with sneakers, boots and more.

A girl with her foot up. A girl with some fluffy socks on. A girl with faux fur joggers on. A girl with her hand in her pocket.
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Most of all, another alternative would be Linen-Blend pants. Linen material has such a free and natural aesthetic. These kinds of pants are so comfortable and can easily be styled with sandals or some delicate sneakers to match the pants’ vibe.

A girl walking. A girl with sandals on. A girl with linen pants on from old navy. A girl with her hand in her pocket.
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