Check Out These Ways You Can Style Soft Plaid Coats.

Soft Plaid jackets are one of the trends that came in from 2020 that will stay in 2021. The soft plaid trend is prevalent amongst the street style and edgy fashion people. Soft plaid jackets allow you to keep that casual vibe while also looking fly and tight.

Outerwear such as the soft plaid jacket complements an outfit and adds a different kind of flare to the fit. Soft plaid is comfortable and can be found at any fashion retailer imaginable. For starters, they have soft plaid jackets at Windsor, Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Motel Rocks and best of all, the thrift store.

Yes, the thrift store has the ultimate collection of soft plaid jackets for under $10. This is where the trend came from. Many influencers and fashion connoisseurs turned to thrift stores for that vintage and “dad” aesthetic that is the new style in our latest fashion era.

Since many of these people were turning to old dad clothes, Soft plaid had a massive revival in the mainstream market.

You can style the Soft plaid trend in various ways that best fit your personal style and aesthetic (I don’t know why, but the word “aesthetic” has been my new favorite word, lol).

You can style the trend with some oversized jeans, a white crop top, and some regular vans or other sneakers for starters. This will give you that casual look that is perfect for hanging out with friends or running errands.

a girl outside in fron of a building. a girl walking. a girl with wide leg pants on. a girl with a fedora hat on. a girl with heels on.

You can also style soft plaid by adding some nice quality sweats with a matching sweatshirt, a mini handbag (or chest bag), and some white sneakers. This is a comfy outfit that fits in with our current fashion trends.

a standing in front of a building. a girl with a soft plaid jacket. a girl with tan sweats on. a girl with her hand in her pocket. a girl with a ten sweater on.



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