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Day 7,928,392 in Quarantine and i’m going crazy. I’m pretty sure everyone is going crazy at this point. The boredom I have acquired over the past two weeks have been extreme. Lucky enough, I have found some alternatives that can override the down hours of the day to help people out (i’m uploading a article on that soon. so be on the lookout).

Being someone that loves to go out and dress up, this quarantine has been stopping my first love, which is fashion. Since it has been sunny in LA, I have decided to do a “Dope Fit of the Day” that best fits this weather and that contributes to the street style trend.

Lately I have been into mini dress and sneakers for some reason. I decided to pair this black spaghetti strap mini dress gathered at the bottom from Muse called the “Hamptons dress” with the trendy Dior B23 high top logo Oblique sneakers. These sneakers have been a trending shoe for a while now. They go perfect with street style. I wanted the colors of this outfit to be black and red with a dash of silver. With that being said, I added a red Los Angeles Dodgers snap-back and a red Off-White Medium top handle box tote bag. To accessorize the look, I added these Balenciaga rectangle metal sunglasses w/ logo lenses, a Charter Club silver tone bracelet watch, and some Diamond halo cluster stud earrings.

I hope you all enjoy this look !


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My first love is fashion! I love everything about fashion. Fashion is one thing that you could be yourself at. Thats why I love my blog site because I get to show to the world how much I love fashion

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  1. I am currently in search of the Latest Fashion Trends that I can adopt. Fashion is me and I am Fashion, so I try to live it in every possible way. Thanks for the amazing ideas that you have here and I hope to get more from you.

    1. Thank you so much ❤️

  2. Maritza says:

    Hi how can I order the LV brown face mask can you please let me know ASAP .

    1. The LV mask is not available for purchase. Sorry. You can subscribe to my blog for updates on items I will be uploading soon.

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