Its like day 30 in Quarantine and the virus seems to keep growing and growing by the day. Its as if the virus will never slow down and we will be in quarantine forever. Wait let me not put that negative energy in the atmosphere because we will be out in the streets for the summer!

With everyone scared of this virus, demand on goods and products that previously were not being bought as much are now number one sellers. One of the products that have been out of stock and nowhere to be found are….MASKS. yes I said it, Masks. Mask are used usually when you are sick to protect you from outside germs. With this pandemic they have become a necessary necessity to “survive” the virus. It amazes me when i’m in the car (not following the quarantine order) driving and see people casually walking with masks on their face and even people in cars beside me with masks on. Medical masks are the ones many people are wearing or even trying to find.

People in mask.
Photograph taken from BBCNEWS

With many people having creative minds, they are starting to make homemade masks made from real fabric. These masks that they are making are coming in so many prints and colors. Fashion always seems to come through when their a global issue or crisis which is one reason why im in love with the industry. With people making these fashionable masks, they are starting to profit off of them due to the fact that they are stylish and also medical mask are boring and nowhere to be found.

People in mask.

After this virus, America is going to have a drastic change. More and more people are going to start taking precaution and keep wearing mask. What does this mean for the fashion industry ? well let me fill you in. High fashion brands and houses are going to start implementing the mask accessory to their brands and start making even more money. Brands such as Supreme and Bape already have been making graphic mask to sell. They were a popular accessory among hypebeast and street style consumer, but now they are about to blow up even more. They add to the street wear and edgy look that is most trendy now.

Im excited to see where the up and coming ‘face mask trend’ is going to go in regards to the fashion industry.



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