Glamour & Edgy ! Philipp Plein Pre-Fall 2019

Leather, studs, embellishments, fur, and edginess. Philipp Plein did not

come to play with this exotic Pre-fall collection. I absolutely love each of the

looks depicted in each picture. From the background with the fire and

what seems to be a crashed up orange Lamborghini to the super tight

studded jeans. This collection is up to trend on what everyone is thinking about

now adays and that’s living on the edge with this fashion stuff. Philipp Plein

uses Edgy and Glanour quite well in this collection. The two piece satin high

waisted bell bottoms with the very cropped long sleeve with what reminds

me of Guns & Roses print with Philipp Plein plastered all over the set. Even

incorporating a dress in this collection that is filled with skinny jeans, bell bottoms,

and skirts was a great idea and The dresses don’t look a bit out of place and

corresponds cohesively in the collection. I totally see myself wearing some

of the pieces from this hard hitting collection.

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