Gucci Changemakers Program promoting Diversity ?!?!

We all remember and know about the controversy with Gucci and them making the Black face product. Right after the uproar many people were making on social media, they immediately took down the product and wrote a apology to all who we’re offended by the product.

Well now Gucci has announced the ‘Gucci Changemakers’ Program that will improve Diversity and inclusion.

Isn’t that something to make up for the detrimental problem that happen to them early this year.

This is a global Program that supports industry change through a multi step action plan. The program includes a multi year $5 million Changemakers fund and a $1.5 million scholarship program in North America.

This program also comes with a volunteer organization that will help with the company’s obligation to promote a social impact in the fashion industry.

The focus is to help racial diversity in the company itself and also in the fashion industry. We all know that the fashion industry sometimes struggle with diversity and is in need of more color. This is the perfect way to go about it.

These changes came after Harlem’s, Dapper Dan, who has had a long time collaboration with the brand met with Gucci CEO and president.

Dapper Dan has been working real close with the brand to help and share his thoughts on these new changes.

“Black designers and fashion professionals will be given new opportunities through these new initiatives….” said by Dapper Dan on Instagram.

Gucci Changemakers Council will consist of:

Which is also good since I will be a college student soon and also for other college students is that they are able to apply for the Gucci Changemakers scholarship. Which is for students that are fashion minded. Over the course of four years, each student will receive a $20,000 grant toward completing there college education.

This is a great plan that Gucci has came up with and I hope it does wonders in the fashion industry.


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