Meredith Koop, Michelle Obama’s stylist just launched her first Fashion collaboration

Michelle Obama’s chic and graceful style was always

on point when attending events, royal balls, or even traveling to foreign

counties and we can thank all of those exciting outfits to her stylist Meredith

Koop. Meredith was resposnsible for setting Michelle Obama’s look from

the beginning and now she will be launching her first Fashion collaboration

to share many of those mono tone and exellerating looks that she showcased

through our past First Lady Michelle Obama.

Her  first collaboration will be with Cuyana on its ‘New Office’

collection. The pieces in this collection are for the working contemporary

girl but with a flavor of everyday wear. Cuyana’s tag line is “fewer, better

things” and they area applying this tagline to the collection to provide

women with the basic essentials that are needed in every girls closet.

These pieces can be worn to corporate workplaces or even on your

downtime with the fam bam.



-Stay tuned for more Dope Fashion

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