10 Fashion Trends You’ll See in 2023

I’ve never been more excited about a year like this one before (I probably say this every year. But I feel 2023 in my bones.) When it comes to a new year, new trends always emerge. While most do not like to follow trends, they influence what people wear, regardless of your style or aesthetic.

In 2022, this sudden resurgence of full-on denim looks was a true ode to the Y2K era that is still heavily utilized in today’s fashion. The denim looks were running street-style moments, but this grunge biker aesthetic was also making its way mainstream. These biker looks didn’t just include dark and muted tones but also color, which was interesting to see. The wave of keeping things Streetwear while adding that rockstar appeal was reverting and a thrill to see.

Still following the Y2K vibes that have been running the fashion industry for some time now, low-rise jeans have become a thing again. Low-rise pants are still following us into 2023 fashion trends, but this time with a lot more layering involved.

The trends showcased today have much to do with the latest runway shows. However, after carefully researching hundreds of shows, I have found ten fashion trends you should indulge in 2023.

Over Accentuated Shoulders

Over-accentuated shoulders include blazers, jackets and tops. The trend was mainly popular during the 2016 through 2018 era of Balmain. Yes, it may seem like a dramatic look to take on, but I swear it’s so edgy yet classy simultaneously. Take a look at this outfit that incorporates Over Accentuated shoulders.


Everybody loves a perfect sheer moment, but they are going to love it even more in 2023. Sheer was heating the Pre-Fall 2023 lookbooks. Sheer doesn’t always have to be this whimsical moment. The trend or clothing piece is now being styled heavily with the rockstar/biker vibe that the girlies are going for nowadays.


Who doesn’t love a good knit? They are a very convenient fashion item to own and the most comfortable staple in one’s closet. In 2023 the girls will be incorporating them a lot, especially with the stocking trend Kendall Jenner popularized.

Low Rise Everything

Still, in the y2k era, where the girls are embracing their best 2000s-inspired outfits, low-rise jeans, skirts, and pants will be the wave in 2023. This fashion trend is sexy, fun, and carefree, like the 2000s embody.

Baggy Jeans

I don’t know about you guys, but a nice baggy jean outfit always wins in my eyes. They are an item that you can dress up with heels or keep in the street style category with some sneakers. In 2023 you will see more baggy jeans trends, and I’m excited about that.

Tailored Blazers

I feel like blazers are essential to include in one’s wardrobe. The off-duty model “look” can be the cause of why blazer looks are prevalent nowadays. Instead of the oversized look (that is still fabulous and gives a structured look,) form-fitting/ tailored blazers will reign supreme in 2023.


Pleated skirts, shirts, and pants were trending on the runway last year. I’m not that huge of a fan of this trend, but if styled correctly and accurately, they will look well put together regardless of your preferred style.

Biker Wear

Grunge style has always been a topic in fashion, but it’s becoming even more popular today. Biker wear, which includes leather jackets, moto pants, sleek futuristic glasses, leather pants, and occasionally Rick Owen high-top sneakers, will be even more popular in 2023.


When it comes to a street style look, cargo anything will complete the look every single time. Cargo pants, tops, skirts, and more will be popularized in 2023 due to the era of relaxed/ grunge fashion that we are in.

Reconstructed Denim

Towards the end of 2022, denim became ‘that girl’ again. Complete denim looks were incorporated into many people’s styles and looked amazing. But now, the girls are reconstructing denim into new and innovative designs.



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