7 Denim Trends and Styles You Need for the Winter.

7 Denim trends that you need for the fall and winter season. these are great denim trends 2022

Denim never died; it is just having a massive revival. This past fashion month, many fashion houses and brands presented collections incorporating many denim looks. I was not shocked when I saw this explosion of the 90s aesthetic clothing piece. We are still in an era where less is more. Brands such as Bally, Dion Lee, Diesel, Burberry, Brandon Maxwell and more participated in this trend. From ordinary to deconstructed denim, the looks were giving what they needed to give.

Along with this outbreak of denim, some trends came about. I am an HBCU student, meaning homecoming season is upon us. Many of the girlies on my campus and other HBCU campuses across the country were diving heavy in full custom Denim looks. I knew this was due to the influence of high fashion runways. One of my line sisters even made her own deconstructed denim look by herself, which ate the girls up. I saw many people going for denim corset tops, deconstructed denim skirts, oversized denim jeans, and so much more.

Today, I will be showing you different Denim trends/pieces that should be in your closet for the fall/winter season.

Denim corset top and denim top for fall outfits and denim top for winter outfits from Amazon. This is a Amazon fashion piece

Amazon Denim Corset Top

Madewell denim corset top for fall outfits and for winter outfits. this is a top denim trend in fashion right now.

Madewell – Reconstructed denim top

oversized denim pants for the winter season and winter outfits. these are a denim trend right now in fashion.

Levi- XL Flood Women’s Jeans

deconstructed denim skirt for fall outfits and winter outfits.

Ksubi – Denim Foldover Skirt


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