My Favorite New Balance Collaborations That Should be in Every Girls Closet.

New Balance sneakers are becoming increasingly popular as the years go on. Sneakerheads are starting to shy away from Nike Dunks and SBs to New Balance 574s and 990s. The ever-changing Sneaker game is always a thrill to see. What keeps people buying sneakers are, of course, the colorways a silhouette but also the collaborations behind them.

Sneaker and clothing collabs have recently become more and more popular. These collabs don’t always include brand and brand. However, they are now including individuals and brands. Collabs such as Sean Wotherspoon and Nike with the Air Max’s have led many artists and influencers to rack up deals with brands such as Nike, ASICS, Crocs and more.

All these brands have designed unique and iconic sneakers that will forever be sneaker-lovers holy grails. However, New Balance brand collabs stand out to me the most. New Balance was initially popular in the DMV area, but as I said previously, it is starting to become a favorite worldwide.

New Balance sneakers are a comfortable shoe that allows you to put together Dope outfits that will enable you to fit in with the streetwear aesthetic while also looking cozy. In my opinion, New Balance’s is a sneaker that can never go out of style because of its history with the DMV area and classic looks.

New Balance is a brand that never shies away from collabing with artists and fashion influencers on social media. Here are some of my personal favorite New Balance collaborations.

  1. New Balance x Casablanca 327
New Balance x Casablance 327

The New Balance x Casablanca sneaker collaboration is a sleek and desirable mix between luxury and athleticism. In addition, it serves as the perfect in-between for my favorite New Balance 327 silhouettes.

2. New Balance x Bodega M2002R

New Balance x Bodega M2002R

New Balance M2002R sneaker provides wearers with a comfortable and functional silhouette. In addition, the collaboration between Bodega and New Balance has bright colorways that allow the customer to pair the sneaker with an abundance of outfits.

3. New Balance x Joe Freshgoods ‘Inside Voices’ 9060

New Balance x Joe Freshgoods 9060

A Joe Freshgoods and New Balance collaboration is always a good one. The latest collab between the two, “Inside Voices,” shows why their partnership should never end. The 9060s give you the ultimate swagged-out vibe with LOTS of colors.

4. New Balance x Aimé Leon Dore 550s

New Balance x Aimé Leon Dore 550s

550s are the most sought-after New Balance sneaker right now. This revival of the popular 90s sneaker can be due to Aimé Leon Dore’s collaboration with the brand. I love when people style this sneaker with slouchy socks for the best interpretation of the 90s look.

5. New Balance x Salehe Bembury 200R ‘Peace Be The Journey’

New Balance x SalSalehe Bembury x 2002R 'Peace Be The Journey'

The New Balance x Salehe Bembury 200R ‘Peace Be The Journey’ collaboration is one of my favorites. The silhouette of the sneaker is so refreshing and exciting to see styled. In addition, the bold orange colors allow you to try something different with your style and should be the desired piece for women’s sneakerheads.



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