Did Beyoncé Say Birkins Are Out of Style ?

Hey dope girlies so the latest uproar between the fashion girls is if Birkin bags are out of style. This conversation has came up before but is resurfacing again after Beyonce released the sound track that I keep on repeat and that it Renaissance. In her last song titled Summer Renaissance, its all about being in your bag. At the end she list some very popular designer brands that offer iconic and sought after bags. She ends the song with saying “Birkins, them shits in storage.” This left handbags lovers in frenzy and thinking “are birkins really out of style.” The bag has become alot quote on quote “mainstream” as people would call it and as the price value continues to go up, its desire to be in ones closet has went down quite alot. How do you feel about this topic ? do you think the bag is still in style ? 


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