Beyonce’s RENAISSANCE Album is What I Needed For The Summer

Imagine this: a Friday night in the city, and you just got paid. You and your girls are ready to hit the nightlife scene and have the time of your lives. What’s the track list for this specific night? RENAISSANCE.

It’s the end of the summertime for students like me in school, and Beyoncé just gave us a 16-song track that makes you feel like you’re a young, single, and free spirit in the 70s. The Ballroom theme music is everything you need to feel blissful and sexy.

I am at a point in my life where I am finding myself and have a sense of freedom in my new apartment, in a new city, and lowkey a new life. This album brings all those feelings I am feeling right now to life. The intricate beats and samples are the essence of my soul. RENAISSANCE is genuinely a work of art and a clear example of why Beyoncé is Queen B.

All of the songs have different vibes but correlate as one. Only a genius artist could make something like that work. I am on my 10th loop of the album and fall in love every time. In this album, you can hear Beyoncé talk that talk, feel in love, and have fun which are key components to living a beautiful and fierce life.

Of course, with a magical body of music, the looks for the album were going to step even harder. Beyoncé was styled by Kj Moody, Marni, Vance Gamble, Damien Lloyd, Andrew McFarland, Nichole Goodman, and Tara Boyette.

Beyonce Renaissance album

The Queen laid in a room that looked like a club. With little to nothing on but a fur, Natalia Fedner Swarovski crystal & chain garter set, and Jimmy Choo heels. The disco ball in the room and Beyoncé’s honey blonde blown-out hair gave “One Night Only” vibes from “Dream Girls.”

Beyonce Renaissance album

The Mother of “RENAISSANCE” was pictured in a reflective disco ballroom. The set looked like what I imagine the entrance of Studio 54 was. Beyoncé wore a slick back hair style because the bodysuit did most of the talking. The body suit was by Luis De Javier, known for their abstract and sharp line garments.

Beyonce Renaissance album

One of my favorite looks would have to be the Schiaparelli Haute Couture swirls body suit by Daniel Roseberry, along with the Versace Platform heels.

Beyonce Renaissance album

Bey returned to the club set she was at before with a silver stunner moment. Alessandro Michele designed the metallic Gucci Love Parade gown. The stylist paired this gown with some sleek black Christian Louboutin’s, allowing the dress to do most of the talking.

Beyonce Renaissance album

Hair blowing and extending her arm length, Beyoncé wore a Bethany Cordwell black and white swirl bodysuit and earrings along with matching Dominnico gloves. This look gave SASHA FIERCE (a name that means a lot to me !)

Beyonce Renaissance album

Chilling with the same updo as her recent “Tiffany & Co” Campaign shoot, Bey, rested on the pink and red club couch holding a glass of brown liquor in a custom Mugler look, metal pieces by Manuel Albarran, and Jimmy Choo pumps.

Beyonce Renaissance album

An Inspiration from the Ballroom scene, Beyoncé walked in an extraordinary gold LEWK BY Melissa Simon Hartman and Phillip Plein thigh-high boots.

Beyonce Renaissance album

Laid on the floor with a blue background that embodied the sky, the “BREAK MY SOUL” singer wore a Bronx and Banco one-piece and a Sarah Sokol Millinery hat.

Beyonce Renaissance album

The last look that we will be looking over is the boss pose of them all. Beyoncé sits with her legs open, looking down at the photographer in a custom Alaia piece and Destree headwear.



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