Pre-Owned Luxury Handbags To Own

Everyone wants a luxury handbag until its time to actually cough up the money to purchase one. It seems like it cost a leg and a arm to actually get the right handbag that you want to build your luxury handbag collection with. Recently It was reported that the luxury fashion house, Chanel is going to increase its prices of the iconic and timeless handbags by 60% and this is in efforts to make the bag more exclusive like the Hermès Kelly and Birkin bags.

We all know that when one brand does something extreme such as raise prices, the others will follow along. This is why its important to start buying luxury handbags right now on pre owned sites before the resell price goes out of this roof. Purchasing timeless handbags such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent are important because they are ultimately an investment piece. 10 to 20 years from now, those handbags will nine times out of 10 keep their value or even increase.

Below, I have found some pre owned luxury handbags from Fashionphile that are worth your money and perfect investment pieces.

DISCLAIMER: this post contains affiliate links. This means that I get a small commission every time you use a link on my blog to shop with no additional cost to you.

Pre owned luxury handbags to own from fashionphile. These are Chanel bags, YSL bags, Gucci bags, and fendi bags

CHANEL Goatskin Quilted Large Chanel 19 Flap Grey

SAINT LAURENT Grain De Poudre Calfskin Uptown Pouch Crema Soft

LOUIS VUITTON Vernis Roxbury Drive Amarante

LOUIS VUITTON Monogram Mini Papillon

BURBERRY Canvas Smooth Calfskin Two Tone Mini Pocket Bag Natural Malt Brown

FENDI Jacquard Vitello FF 1974 Embroidered Baguette Corda Praline

CHANEL Patent Calfskin Quilted Small Boy Flap Black



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