The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide For The Perfect ‘Dope’ Girl.

It is unreal that Christmas is next week (YES, NEXT WEEK !). If you are someone like me, you probably have not even lifted a finger to go shopping for anyone in your family. Well, you are in luck today. I have found over 20 pieces that will be the perfect gifts for that perfect “Dope Fashion Sense” girl. The pieces that I have included in this Christmas gift guide are new and exciting clothes, shoes, accessories and more that are probably on every girl’s Pinterest board. The Christmas guide for women does not only have clothes/ accessories but also fragrances and home décor. I appreciate décor and fragrances (especially luxury fragrances) as I get older. But, when it comes to the clothing pieces, I wanted to incorporate cozy elements because I feel that that is the vibe for many women recently. Sets such as Skims and A.L.C are brought up in this Christmas Guide and some Telfar that are now selling in Nordstrom’s. Price ranges for the Christmas guide go from $12 to $650, which is pretty good for the pieces I curated. A trend that I did put in this guide that I want to see more women and men wearing are shearling bucket hats. I featured them in my post on Instagram: Hot Winter Pieces. I love the many ways you can style them, and they just give off cozy and warm vibes.

UGG x Telfar bucket hat


This Telfar shearling bucket hat is everything I want in a hat for the winter season. I have seen the hat in person and the material is so sturdy and comfy. It is a must have to have in your collection for the winter season. Imp pretty sure any woman you are buying it for will really appreciate the bucket hat because who doesn’t want Telfar nowadays ?

NIKE- Daybreak Women’s Shoes


One of my favorite NIKE shoe styles right now are the Daybreak. I am on my way to having every colorway of this exact sneaker. They are comfortable and stylish and an all around good sneaker to have in a girls closet. Also, look at that price, its amazing .

Coach – Pillow Tabby Shoulder Bag 18


Of course I had to incorporate the Tabby bag in this Christmas gift guide. Yes, it is a trendy bag and people don’t like trendy things, but this bag is so stinking cute. Every girl at a point in time wanted the bag and I’m pretty sure they still want it.

Coach – Shearling Clogs


I happened to be scrolling on Instagram one day and these Coach Clogs showed up on my feed. Me being someone who loves pink and comfy shoes…. I was in love. Clogs are starting to be a hot commodity within the shoe community and I’m all here for it.

BaubleBar – Pavé Initial Collar Necklace


Get the diamond look for an affordable price. Initial necklaces are my kryptonite and I literally have several of them in my jewelry box right now. I love the diamonds on this necklace and I 100% know that this necklace will look amazing around that special girls neck.

Homage Year – Growth Ova Bag


Homage Year is always being seen by me on my Twitter feed (aye, follow us on Twitter @DFSBlog). This pear shaped handbag is different from a lot of popular bags out right now. The bag is durable and creative. A definite must have in your handbag collection.

A.L.C. – Rib Knit Set

pants : $237

Cardigan : $237

When I researched this two piece set, I fell in love. I love Carmel tone sets and Rib Knit. I knew that my readers would love this. For this luxury designer set its actually fairly cheap and can be worn as a streetwear look or professional chic look.

BP – Cable Stitch Bucket Hat


Yes, I put another bucket hart on this list and I have no shame in that. I love the knit sweater look to this bucket hat and also my favorite color at the moment is green so this is perfect. Green is starting to become a hot color in fashion right now and I know that anyone you buy this hat for is going to love it.

UGG – Disquette Slipper


I had to put the OG Ugg slippers on this list. Do I need to really explain the significance of the shoe and why you should buy them ?

SKIMS – Rib Stretch Cotton Set

Top: $36

Bottom: $32

Skims is everyone’s preferred loungewear set to wear. I absolutely love this Rib Stretch cotton set. Is perfect for lounging around the house and is quite affordable. I have not met one girl who didn’t want any skims products. So you need to make sure that you buy this for Christmas.

Gucci -Flora Gorgeous Gardenia


This scent right here…. yeah its amazing. I love the dainty and blossomy smell that this Gucci fragrance has. A good part about buying this Fragrance is that you get the whole Gucci store bag and box experience for only $100. Every time I wear this fragrance I always get compliments.

Brandon Blackwood – Kuei Bag Brown Shearling


Brandon Blackwood handbags give me the ultimate it girl vibes when I see people on the street and Instagram wear them. I particularly love the Kuei style bag especially in this shearling material. Many women have this bag on their Pinterest board and it would be the perfect gift for Christmas.

Zeelo0l – Barreto


I am in love with statement sunglasses especially from the Zeelool brand. These artsy glasses are perfect for the girl that is an over achiever when it comes to the different outfits she comes up with. I love these glasses and will soon be purchasing from the brand soon.

OFF-WHITE – Marfa rectangular frame sunglasses


Off White products are durable and streetwear focused I love the low look of these sunglasses and how they will look with any type of outfit you are going for at the moment. Also, Rest in Piece to Virgil Abloh a creative genius.

Balloon Dog Figurine


Jeff Koons balloon dog is such a popular home décor piece and I have found an Amazon Dupe that would look perfect in ones home. On Amazon, these balloon bogs come in so many colors and are actually affordable.

Safety Pin Earrings


Of Course I had to put another Amazon gem in this Christmas List Guide. I love these safety pin earrings because they are a good look in the ear when coming up with amazing looks for the day. They are different.

Marine Serre – crescent moon print top


This was a holy grail for all the fashion girlies earlier this year and the summer. I personally love this top and the different ways you can style it. For this top to be a luxury piece and trendy and to only be $190 is a true steal. I think this would look nice underneath the Christmas tree this year.



New Balances are starting to become the love of my life. In particular the New Balance 327 sneaker is so comfortable and come in so many colors that are perfect for the girlies. I love this light blue color especially with the detailing on the side panel.

Jacquemus – Le Bambino mini bag


This bag will allow you to fulfill your best French girl fashion dream. I love the Jacquemus Le Bambino bag. This delicate little thing will make your girl feel loved like no other. Yes it is a simple bag, but its a good one.

Madewell – Tiny Bow Ring


I absolutely love the daintiness of this Madewell gold ring. Many people nowadays love to stack their fingers with rings and this ring would look perfect for that stacked look.

Givenchy – City 4G Jacquard Low-Top Sneakers


I had to splurge on myself two days ago and by these Givenchy beauties. When I tell y’all I love these shoes, I LOVE THEM. They are actually comfortable to be designer and they have such a sleek and not obnoxious look to them. This a must have and would be perfect for the Christmas season.

& Other Stories – Sleeveless Alpaca & Wool Blend Turtleneck Sweater


Wool Blend sweaters are in my closet the most. I think this version of the sweater is amazing because you are allowed to throw on a blazer and so much more. I’m pretty sure your girl will appreciate this as a gift for Christmas.



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