How To Style The Air Jordan ‘Cool Grey’ 11s (The Extremely Fly Way)

At this point, It’s a ritual during the end of the year for some new Air Jordan 11s to release and everybody to go crazy over them, and that’s exactly what is going on over this new Air Jordan release.

 I remember it like yesterday when I got my first pair of Air Jordan 11 holiday releases. It was the “Legend Blues,” and when I tell you I felt like that girl, I felt like THAT girl. I came to school and was literally the only person rocking them, and the next day I threw on my “Gamma Blues,” which were super exclusive, and almost nobody had them. This is back in middle school when I was an actual sneakerhead.

The new AJ11s that has everybody going crazy over them this time is the “Cool Grey’s.” The Cool Greys was initially released in 2001, and in typical Michael Jordan fashion, they came out again in 2010. The shoes have now shown their presence again and were released on Dec 11 at a retail price of $225.

The “Cool Grey 11s” is the first non-OG Jordan 11 ever to be released and was also the first of the “Cool Grey” series that is now considered the “OG Jordan Colorway.” The sneaker was also worn heavily by Michael Jordan himself when he played for the Washington Wizards. The sneaker is an iconic Jordan and typically a part of people’s top 10 Jordan shoes. I particularly love the sneaker because of how well you can style the shoe.

The sneaker can be styled with bootcut jeans, leggings, skinny jeans, Low-rise jeans, and so much more. A perfect look that I would typically go for with the “Cool Grey’s” are a grey wool trench coat, medium wash boyfriend jeans, a white crop top, and a simple white bag. This simple look lets the sneaker speak for itself while also matching the colorway.

Below, I have given you all three looks curated by “muah” that look good with the “Cool Grey” sneaker. I hope you all enjoy it.

  • Air Jordan cool grey 11s
  • Air Jordan cool grey 11s
  • Air Jordan cool grey 11s



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