We Are Loving This Corporate America Fashion Trend for The Fall

The wind speed is increasing, and the leaves are turning burnt orange and red. This is a clear indication that the fall season is finally upon us.

Fall is probably one of the best seasons to showcase one’s true Dope Fashion Sense (you see how I had to plug the blog right there). Of course, layering pieces on top of each other is the ideal style to go for during the fall season, but there are so many different trends to follow during this 2021 fall fashion season. Dope Fashion Sense embraces all types of fashion styles, but one kind of style that we adore the most would have to be the “Chic Corporate America” style.

What made me, Editor-in-Chief of Dope Fashion Sense, fall in love with this trend would have to be my mom. I remember my mom would get up every morning for work and put on the chicest looks that most of the time would come from New York and Company, Express and Zara. So, because of my mother, my love of suits came to be.

I want to see all the girlies (and guys) incorporating suits into their style this fall season. The good thing about wearing suits is that you do not always have to pair them with heels. Many people, like myself, are starting to pair the sleek and chic look with sneakers! Yes, sneakers, sis! Adding sneakers to your tailored suit will allow you to go for a sleek and street wear look. Many, if not all, clothing stores that we know today sell suits year-round due to the demand for them because many people work corporate jobs.

Many celebs like Bella Hadid and Zendaya have heavily been seen wearing the suit and sneakers trend in recent years and looked good every single time.

Below, we at Dope Fashion Sense have curated three suit and sneaker looks that are “Dope” readers should truly consider trying out.

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