Jacquemus Fall 2021 Ready-to-Wear Collection REVIEW.

June 30. was an exciting day for all the girls and boys that are in love with the Jacquemus brand. If you don’t know, Jacquemus is a French-based fashion brand that makes all the luxury fashion pieces that are refined, fresh, and staple pieces for your closet. On June 30. Jacquemus released their Fall 2021 Ready-to-wear collection titled “LA MONTAGNE.”

This Fall collection unlike the previous two Jacquemus collections incorporated a multi-range of colors that you necessarily wouldn’t see during the fall season. But those colors were appealing and desirable. Jacquemus introduced a multitude of new handbags that we have not ever seen the brand do. As for instants, the first bag presented in the opening look was this large tote bag that had orange shearling fur all over. Usually, bags covered with shearling fur could look tacky but, this one was clean and cut. That wasn’t the only new bag featured in this collection. Another bag that stays true to the Jacquemus vibe was a tiny rectangular shape bag with oversized handles. This bag is going to be everywhere among fashion influencers.

The brand did an amazing job of mixing revealing and conservative pieces. Looks such as the one with the model wearing a cropped tan shearling coat with a button-up top or bodysuit that had cutouts on the sides of the stomach and the oversized pants. It mixed casual and high fashion in an achievable way.

All of the looks in this collection are outfits that look comfortable and suitable to wear. Most fashion collections do not look pleasing to all body types but this one does. I enjoyed the fact that Jacquemus also incorporated models of all shapes and sizes to model this fall collection. There weren’t as many plus-size models but, the diversity in color and ethnicity was there.

This collection most definitely has individual pieces that can be worn with any type of style that an outsider would go for. Something exciting to see from this collection was the fact that Jacquemus released the collection for purchase right after its debut. Most designers should follow in Jacquemus steps with this trend because it allows consumers to purchase the pieces while they’re “hot” rather than having to wait months for them to release and lose their desire.

Overall, the collection was fresh and alluring. You and view the entire collection below.


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