A Collab I Never Knew I Needed ! Saweetie x Gwen Stefani

Saweetie and Gwen Stefani and teaming up on the new summer song.
Gwen Stefani and Saweerie new collab. Rap artist and pop artist music collab

The Icy Queen and the early 2000’s β€œit” girl Gwen Stefani are coming together to collab a hot song for the summer.

The song β€œSlow Clap” originally came out on March 11, and it reminds me of Gwen Stefani’s hit song “Hollaback Girl.” Gwen Stefani posted on a picture via Instagram of a single cover with the Icy Girl, Saweetie. Stefani captioned her post by saying,” #Slowclap… with a little extra sauce @saweetie. Coming 4/9 gx”.

I never knew that I needed a Gwen Stefani and Saweetie collab until now. Both artists give what needs to be given when it comes to visuals, music and personal style. We all know about Saweetie’s entertaining and glamorous Instagram profile, which every artist should imitate to make them more prominent in the music industry. I sometimes find myself occasionally scrolling and scrolling down the Icy Girls Instagram page because of the style and personality.

But don’t get it twisted; Ms. Gwen Stefani IG page makes me miss the early 2000s fashion era. The singer is constantly posting throwbacks of her edgy and rock outfits and also her recent glamorous looks.

The song will come out on April 9, and I’m counting down the hours.

Both of the artists have been posting pictures together, and this video, in particular, is my favorite.

If you are excited about this collab comment below.



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