The North Face x Gucci Collection is Going to Take Over Street Style

I know that you all have been seeing the new and hot collection from Gucci and The North Face all over social media. If this is how Collaborations will look this year, then I am excited to see what the rest of 2021 has in store for us.

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The North Face x Gucci  Collection launched a few weeks ago, and it has been seen on every one of your favorite fashion influencers. This ultimate collection with the North Face brand features pieces from ready-to-wear clothing, footwear, hiking gear, and so much more. The North Face x Gucci Collection takes on and embodies the North Face aesthetic and the Gucci aesthetic. Both brand’s vibe mixed well with each other for a cohesive collection.

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“A collaboration which connects two brands with similar history and values, The North Face x Gucci Celebrates the spirit of exploration in select locations around the world,” Explained the collection on the Gucci website. A collection inspired by exploration and discovery looks into The North Face designs from the 70s era. Using the 70s era methods as inspiration is essential in this new fashion era. Many brands have started to embrace those old 70’s era aesthetics in an excellent way that comes out to be a modernized look.

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This all-star collection features daring outerwear such as padded coats and bombers, floral monogram prints, logo T-Shirts, sweatshirts (which are my fave piece from the collection), and so much more. Hiker boots in brown, black, and cream are also available from this collection.

Gucci is having a Pop-up shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where many Gucci and The North Face lovers can purchase some unique and one-of-a-kind pieces from The North Face x Gucci collection. This allowed fashion lovers to experience the meaning of this collection and the nature-loving aesthetic it brings to fashion consumers worldwide.

I have seen many collections/ collaborations in my fashion days, and they have all been amazing, but this one seems different. It has that vibe just like the Supreme x Louis Vuitton Collaboration, but better and long-lasting. We all remember the infamous Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodie that everyone wanted. This hoodie was in such demand that people started to produce fake ones just so that they could feel like they “fit in” with the rest of the wealthy fashion influencers of our day.

For me, that hoodie became too much and overly hyped. I did not like the monogram print anymore because it became too much of a “hype beast” clothing piece (I’m not saying anything is wrong with hype beast clothes.). With this new The North Face x Gucci collection, I do not feel that vibe that I had previously. I think that coats such as The North Face x Gucci monogram puffer coat will be everlasting and always be considered fashionable and cool.

The North Face x Gucci collection will take over the street style scene in so many ways. Everyone is going to either be rocking the sweatshirt or the puffer coat. They released this collection just in time for the Winter season. It’s still cold outside, and these pieces will allow you to stand out and have the best winter outfit.



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