The Bag That Looks Expensive, But is Actually Affordable and Chic.

Handbags are the essential accessory piece that brings together any outfit that you decide to wear for the day. Many well structured and high-quality bags come from major luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Chanel and more. This brand that we are talking about today has the same well-structured qualities as the brands listed above and the handbags are a fraction of the price.

JW PEI is the hot accessories brand on the scene right now. I know that I am not the only one that has seen their sponsored post all over Instagram, promoting their ultra-trendy handbags.

The Los Angeles based accessories brand believes that fashion should be “accessible, effortless and empowering.” The brand uses its minimalistic aesthetic to curate accessories that celebrate beauty and strength throughout women.

a minimalist aesthetic and vibe. a handbag sitting on a bed. a pair of cat eye sunglasses in brown. a JW PEI handbag laying on the bed. fashion accessories laying on the bed.

For all of my sustainable fashion connoisseurs, JW PEI uses Vegan Leather and Recycled Plastic when designing their fabulous handbags for consumers to rock. JW PEI is setting the standard and trends for the handbag industry. Their original designs are always getting ripped off by fast-fashion retailers because of how popular the JW PEI bags are.

The JW PEI handbags come in so many different colors and variations that match whichever style the consumers embodies. Some of their most famed and favorite handbags include the Gabbi Bag, Mini Flap Bag and the Eva Shoulder bag. These are great everyday handbags that are stylish and fun. They evoke feminine power that all women should be feeling when putting on their chic fashion looks.

a girl standing outside. a girl wearing sunglasses. a girl with a purple shirt on. a girl with a ten trench coat on. a girl holding her purse. a girl with a jw pei handbag. a girl in front of stairs. a girl at golden hour. a street style fashion look.

You all should visit the JW PEI site because they are having a massive sale on their bags.



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