Happy New Year ! Here are 10 Fashion Trends that are Staying in 2021.

Finally, 2020 is over with a capital O-V-E-R. This year has been one for the books. In all my years of living on this earth, I have never experienced something as traumatic as 2020. Let’s bury 2020 in the back of the closet and never look at her again.

The year 2020 came with a pandemic, sudden, shocking deaths, equality issues that STILL need to be dealt with, and so much more. Something that made 2020 stand out a little (emphasis on little) was the many different trends that emerged. With all of our free time during the pandemic and quarantine height, many fashion insiders came up with explosive trends in 2020. The way style changed so much during the 2020 year was crazy to me. Street style edginess became the ‘it’ factor.

If you didn’t own a pair of Air Jordan 1’s or baggy jeans in 2020, then you were trash. Some of these trends that emerged came right in time for the 2020 fall season and 2020 winter season. Colors such as Brown became the new pink, chunky black boots became the new Christian Louboutin, and getting a Telfar Shopping bag was like finally getting an exclusive Birkin bag. I loved the many different brown looks that were shown in many other winter outfits. They were stylish, chic, and the new normal.

a girl getting photographed at new york fashion week and paris fashion week, a black girl standing in the middle of the street, a girl with a brown teaddy coat and some yellow wide leg trousers. the girl is wearing a winter outfit

I enjoyed a trend in the fall 2020 season: oversized sweaters on top of white collared shirts and paired with tennis skirts. I thought this was the daintiest look. Dainty is always a great vibe to go for when chilling with friends or posting a relaxing Instagram photo. This trend, though, was short lived and did not roll over into the Winter season.

a girl standing outside posing in front of a camera. This girl has a tennis skirt outfit on. A girl with a oversized nike sweater with a white tennis skirt. A girl with Air Force 1's on and a oversized tote bag

Even though many of these trends were dominant and stylish, other trends just started to get boring and super repetitive.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Jordan or some Nikes, but girl, some people were wearing them out. EVERY OUTFIT DOES NOT REQUIRE JORDAN 1s OR NIKE DUNKS. There are more shoes out in the world that you can wear to make your fit look like “Drip.” AJ1’s are suitable for certain outfits, not all of them.

Sorry for the mini-rant. Finally, here is the list that you clicked for. These are trends that will be staying in 2021. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Brown Clothes Aesthetic
Brown clothing aesthetic on different women. a black girl standing with heels on. kylie Jenner style while sitting in her home with glasses on. a girl with her hand on her hip. a brown handbag. brown boots and heels. a girl with brown corduroy pants on.

The brown clothing piece trend really caught on towards the last few months of 2020. this fashion trend really gave off bad B vibes and was so New York City chic. I give this trend a 10 out of 10. It most definitely needs come with us to 2021.

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2. Gold Jewelry ( Gold chunky Jewelry in specifics)

gold earrings from amazon. new fashion trend is gold accessories and jewelry. Versace dupe gold bracelet for cheap. a girls hand with gold rings and gold bracelets. A girl with sunglasses on and gold earrings and a gold necklace. a girls neck with gold layered necklaces.

Gold Chunky jewelry really made minimalistic fall and winter outfits look amazing. I love what gold chunky jewelry does and the aesthetic it brings out of you.

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3. Soft Plaid Jackets

a girl taking a mirror selfie with a soft plaid jacket. a girl taking a off guard photo in a soft plaid jacket and black leather pants. a girl standing with her legs crossed in brown pants and a brown soft plaid jacket. a girl with an afro walking with an all white outfit with a soft plaid jacket.

Soft plaid jackets is that outerwear piece that gives you that cool and relaxed outfit. This oversized soft plaid jacket would look amazing with your 2021 winter outfit choices.

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4. Large Tote Bags

a louis Vuitton tote bag.  a Christian Dior tote bag.  a marc Jacobs the tote bag. a Chanel tote bag. a brown Telfar shopping bag

Large bags are what’s “in”. mini bags are cute but large totes give off a BOSS B energy that we all need to have for the 2021 year.

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5.Chunky Boots

a girl crossing her legs with black chunky boots on. a girl with Prada black boots. shiny black lug sole shoes. knee high black chunky boots.

Chunky Black boots changed the game in 2020. They can easily be paired with dresses, skirts, jeans, pants, and so much more. I absolutely want to see more of the chunky black boot in 202.

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6. Telfar Bags

Orange large tote bag. Telfar mini shopping bag. Telfar medium shopping bag. Black owned handbags. Black owned fashion brands

I really fell in love with Telfar bags in 2020. I even have one of my own. The bag is high quality and durable. I love my Telfar just like I love my life. Its an amazing every day bag.

7. Leather Blazers

A girl walking on the street. a girl wearing black chunky boots and a black leather blazer. this girl paired her black leather blazer with some black sunglasses.

Black leather blazers definitely give me Matrix vibes and I AM HERE FOR IT. Black leather blazers did well in 2020 and I want to see them do even better in 2021.

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8. Bottega Veneta (The brand as a whole)

a quilted chain handbag. A bottega Veneta orange quilted handbag with a gold chain handle.

2020 was Bottega Veneta’s year. Daniel Lee really made this brand a house hold name with the trendy and timeless designs that we will forever wear. Bottega is going to have an even better year in 2021.

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9. Pearl Accessories / Jewelry

Pearl jewelry and accessories have recently started to get popular in street style. Vivienne Westwood pearl relief necklace. peal earrings with gold accents.

Pearl Jewelry and accessories have recently started to get popular in street style. The trend emerged to the fashion scene when many street style influencers began wearing the Vivienne Westwood pearl relief necklace.

10. Rectangle Sunglasses

rectangle sunglasses on top of marble counter top. black rectangle sunglasses. Brown rectangle sunglasses for a winter outfit. a group of sunglasses on a table.

Rectangle sunglasses were that little trend that did not make as much noise as the other trends above. These sunglasses added that spice and aesthetic to your fit that made you fit in with the style of 2020. Most definitely want to see these rectangle sunglasses stay in 2021.

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