Cropped Blazers Are ‘IN’ and This Is How You Should Style Them.

Among the many fashion trends from 2020 that are staying in 2021, Cropped Blazers are one of them.

On my many and addicting outings to the mall, I got familiar with each clothing store and started to see a pattern in the displayed clothing pieces. One of the trends I have seen continuously is Cropped Blazers.

Cropped Blazers are a fun play on sophisticated a tailored blazer. Today’s fashion scene and influencers are not about following the rules when it comes to always wearing sophisticated clothing in the right way. This is one of the reasons why cropped blazers are in demand right now.

Cropped blazers are a full-length blazer that has been cut (or shortened) right below the breast area. This type of blazer allows a woman or male to add sophistication to their look while also keeping the street style and relaxed moment going on in their outfit.

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Many stores such as H&M and Zara have housed this cropped blazer trend in their store, and they are always selling out. I know many people feel that they do not want to spend money on the cropped blazer because of how easy it is to make at home. Here is a step by step on how to DIY your own Cropped Blazer.

  1. Go to the thrift store and head over to the men’s or women’s blazer section. (You can always find incredibly cheap and high-quality blazers at the thrift store.)
  2. Pick a blazer color or design that you like and feel matches your style and personality.
  3. You are going to want to measure where you want the cropped blazer to stop.
  4. After you have the measurements, draw out a line to follow when you are cutting.
  5. Cut along the line on the blazer, and then you have your own Cropped Blazer that costs you a fraction of the price of a Zara cropped blazer or H&M blazer.

Now that you know the benefits of a cropped blazer, why it’s a trend, and how to DIY your own cropped blazer for cheap, I will be going into detail on how to style cropped blazers.

a girl standing in the middle of the street posing. a girl with some jeans on. a girl that has a winter outfit on. a girl with sunglasses on her face. a girl with a cropped blazer on.

The first way you can style cropped blazers is with some basic denim jeans. This going to give the cropped blazer a relaxed and casual look.

a girl standing in fron a building. a girl with leather shorts. a girl with a cropped blazer on. a girl following 2021 winter trends. a girl with a brown crocodile bag on. a girl in new york city. a girl in paris

This way to style the cropped blazer is probably my second favorite out of this look. Along with cropped blazers, Leather shorts are going to be a huge trend in 2021. These two trends pair perfectly together and gives you the ultimate chic look.

a girl standing in an elevator. a girl posing in an elevator. a girl crossing her legs. a girl with a cropped blazer and matching slacks. a girl with a womens suit on. a girl with silver pumps.

Now this is my favorite way to style the cropped blazer trend. Just like you would style a regular suit look, but with a little edge. adding the cropped blazer to the pants suit is giving you sexy sophistication.

gigi hadid posing at a event. a girl standing in front of a backdrop. celebrity style. celebrity style in 2021. a girl with light wash baggy jeans on. a girl with a white cropped blazer on.

This blazer is a little more fancy because of the silver collar. I am obsessed with the cropped blazer trend with baggy jeans. Baggy jeans have been taking over in the street style fashion era. With the cropped blazer, it goes extremely well together.



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