A$AP Rocky AWGE x Amina Mauddi is the Perfect Partying Shoe

Amina Mauddi and A$AP Rocky shoe collaboration.

Hey, my Dope Sweeties!  Amina Muaddi is probably one of my favorite emerging footwear brands this season. The silhouette of her shoes allows you to pair the heel with a streetwear look along with a chic/ professional look. When I got the news that she was collaborating with Men’s Fashion Icon, Asap Rocky, I was excited.

Amina Muaddi teamed up with A$AP Rocky creative agency, AWGE to produce footwear that is perfect for going out with your homegirls. This new collab of heels evokes the ultra-sexiness out of any woman that decides to purchase these glamorous partying shoes. This collaboration is A$AP Rocky’s first time in the creation of women’s footwear.

The shoes in this collaboration are designed to embody fashion, art, and culture that is always changing. The collaboration includes four styles in 10 different variations. Some of the designs from the collaboration are heavily inspired by A$AP Rocky’s style, such as a Cuban link chain that will wrap around the ankle and crystal-embellished AWGE logo hardware.

Along with the Cuban link embellishments, Amina Mauddi’s infamous and iconic pyramid heel makes appearances in this collaboration. The French model Tina Kunakey stars in the campaign for the new collaboration.

Trust, when this pandemic is over, and we are free from the shackles of our homes, everyone will have these electric and dynamic shoes on at the clubs. So, make sure that you snag yours now.

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