This New Telfar Collab Will Sell Out In Minutes

Do you know what makes me happy? Telfar shopping bags. Telfar has announced that they will be partnering up with UGG for the ultimate cozy shopping bag.

The Telfar x UGG collab has been the talk in the accessory’s world since September, and my mind has been on it ever since. On Monday, Telfar Clemens posted a sneak peek photo of the campaign shoot via Instagram. The campaign photo showcased Telfar Clemens dressed up in a more daring and revealing Santa Claus outfit that consisted of fleece and a tan color. Telfar Clemens substituted the traditional “Christmas cookies” for some Telfar emblem delectable.

On the following Tuesday, Telfar Clemens posted the big reveal to us Shopping Bag lovers that we all been waiting for. Telfar announced the UGG x Telfar Shopping bag presale.

This November 30th at 9 am EST, for 24 hours only, you will be able to snag one of these exclusive and stylish handbags.  The only downfall of this is that you will get your bag between March and Juneteenth of 2021. In all actuality, many people are going to pre-order anyways (Me included) because this is a must have in your handbag collection. 

Shearling bags such as this one is about to be the new trend in the handbag world. They are cozy but still fashionable. Everyone wants to stay relaxed, especially during this quarantined era that we are in. This handbag will allow you to exude the snug and comfortable vibe fully.

“We know that is a long time to wait – but these bags are insanely adorable and will sell out in minutes,” Telfar said on Instagram.

The UGG x Telfar shopping bags will only come in the small-size and medium size. These shopping bags are made from a chestnut-colored suede material that covers the majority of the bag. The lining and logo of the bag are covered in a shearling material as well.

Please make sure you all pre-order this bag; it’s worth all the waiting. visit for more


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