Aaliyah Jay is Launching Her Own Clothing Line !

Ms. Aaliyah Jay always comes through with the looks on Instagram and her YouTube channel. Her style sometimes ventures off to the Y2K trend, Punk, Streetwear, professional chicness, and so much more. It was only time until she started her own clothing line

Back in early July, Aaliyah came out with her ultra sexy and chic swimwear line, Twisted Saints. This swimwear line made you want to book a trip to the Bahamas or Hawaii so that you can be posted up on the beach in the Twisted Saints swimwear pieces. I truly loved all these pieces and was hopping to see a clothing line soon.


Aaliyah announced on October 18 that she will be extending her Twisted Saints line with clothing pieces. This new fashion collection will be available to you all on October 23, 2020 at 2pm EST. Aaliyah says that she wanted to pursue a fashion line because she has always loved fashion and also for the fall and winter season.

There will be 7-9 Fashion pieces releasing and she even has shown three of the pieces on her Instagram. The first piece that we saw was this edgy but cute T-shirt with diamond sleeves called the “DIAMOND BEAR”. This piece can be styled for an edgy look, a partying look, and even a casual look. Aaliyah modeled this piece on her Instagram story.


The next piece that was showcased was this two piece set called the “Saint Set” with Renaissance Art plastered all over the set. These printed sets are a huge fashion trend right now by the way.

The last piece that was showcased was this zebra print mini skirt that showcased her Y2K style/side.

You can purchase this entire collection on October 23 at TwistedSaintsSwim.com


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