Saks Fifth Avenue Opening Back Up With Some Improvements

Due to the current pandemic that America is facing right now, many big time department stores have closed down to ensure the safety of their staff and their loyal customers. When the virus came on to our country, we did not think that it would cause for fashion stores and department stores to be hit so hard and be forced to close down for a while. COVID-19 has had a great impact on to the fashion industry and commerce. Now that CDC guidelines are allowing clothing stores and department stores to open back up, Saks Fifth Avenue is ready for their doors to open with some new perks and amenitites on the line.

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Saks Fifth Avenue president, Marc Metrick, is saying that with the time being closed during this pandemic, has gave them time to place in protocols to ensure the safety of their associates and customers. Saks Fifth Avenue are making all their new amenities convenient to their customers. The new protocols that they have set in place are for customers and sales associates is having to wear a mask when coming into the store. The sales associates will also be receiving daily health screenings throughout the day. Other protocols to the re-opening of the luxury department store is restricting the elevators to mostly or only elderly and disabled persons and also having signs that demonstrate the right amount of social distancing that should be in place.

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With all of these protocols that are being placed in Saks Fifth Avenue, their is also going to be some perks and improvements. First off they will still be continuing curb side pick up with great service and allowing customers to book an appointment for the dressing room before the store opens. This is put in place so that customers do not have to interact with other customers and be at risk of getting each other sick. Another great and amazing perk that is added will be Saks at Home, This amenity will allow clothing pieces be sent to qualified customers home so that they can try on different clothes. An extra plus is that they are applying an virtual shopping experience with a professional style adviser to help you find the best pieces for your style.

The different services that Saks Fifth Avenue is placing onto all of their department stores are astounding and sure to allow the Saks Fifth Avenue to with stand while in our current and rising pandemic.


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